Who are those volunteers who are at the helm of your Santa Cruz County Amateur Radio Club?
Meet one of the newest Board members, Vince Grimaldi (KM6YHE), a very active community member.  He is known for signing up for the most difficult late-night shifts of emergency radio operations!
Here is our recent interview with Vince (KM6YHE):
Q:  When did you get your Amateur Radio license and what inspired you to get licensed?
KM6YHE: I received my technician’s license in November of 2018.  I was taking the basic CERT class and have always believed that communication during an emergency is critical.  During the class, information about an upcoming technician class was presented.  I decided to take the in person class to help with getting the license.
Q: What is your favorite Ham radio operating mode and use?
KM6YHE: I enjoy the weekly nets and try to attend them as much as I can.  Use of the K6BJ repeater in the different formats has been a fun experience.  Using Echolink as well.
Q: What general area of the County do you live and/or work in?
KM6YHE: I live in the city of Santa Cruz near the K6BJ repeater.
Q: What made you want to serve on the Santa Cruz County Amateur Club Board?
KM6YHE:I wanted to join the board to understand more about the operation of a repeater and to help maintain it.  Doing these tasks would allow me to learn more while benefiting us all.
Q:  Anything else?
KM6YHE: I received my General license in February of 2021.  I wanted to expand my abilities by learning more about HF communications.  I have been learning more about packet radio through Winlink and APRS.  I am an active participant in the Santa Cruz CERT and ARES programs.  I am working on my Extra level license and my EC-001 training for ARES Level 2 certification.
The Santa Cruz County Amateur Radio Club is lucky to have such an active member of the Board.
Thank you, Vince!