Board Minutes 1/7/21

Call to order
A special meeting of the Santa Cruz County Amateur Radio Club (SCCARC) Board of Directors
was held via Zoom video conference call on 7 Jan 2021, was called to order at 7:43 PM.
Board Members: David, N6DTA; Richard, K8SQB; Becky, KI6TKB; Don, K6GHA ; Gary,


Others: John, N6QX; Nate KM6THA; Ron K6EXT
Board Members not in attendance Allen, WB6RWU
There was no formal agenda for this meeting, however the following items were discussed:
Timing of ordering badges for new members to balance shipping costs and still getting badges
to members in a timely fashion.
John will be sending information to the mailing list on changes to the DTMF codes for the K6BJ
repeater to prevent unintentional command collisions.
The K6L callsign has been requested for this year’s lighthouse event.
Becky and Ron will send in brief write-ups about themselves and radio involvement/interests
and sent them to be published on the club website. Anyone else is also encouraged to send
Ron news and items of interest
The remainder of the time was spent informally introducing ourselves and making the new
board members welcome.
The Board of Directors’ Meeting adjourned at 9:33 PM
General Membership Meeting
A regular monthly meeting of the Santa Cruz County Amateur Radio Club will be held via Zoom
video conference call on 28 January 2021, beginning at 7:30 PM.

Minutes by David, N6DTA