SCCARC Board August 2021 Minutes

SCCARC Board of Directors Aug. 2021  Minutes

Call to order
A regular monthly meeting of the Santa Cruz County Amateur Radio Club (SCCARC) Board of
Directors was held via Zoom video conference call on 26 August 2021, and was called to order
at 7:31 PM.
Board Members: David N6DTA; Richard K8SQB; Becky KI6TKB;Allen WB6RWU; Vince

Others: Cap KE6AFE; Ron K6EXT
Board Members not in attendance Don, K6GHA;
1) Check-in / roll call
2) Changes to Agenda?
3) Approve Minutes of July 22 meeting
4) Treasurer’s Report
Balance $4186.84
5) Committee Reports:
a) Repeater (John & Becky)
Becky gave a detailed report.
Becky and Vince will be doing some maintenance.
Next meeting of repeater committee to be scheduled.
b) Website (Ron)
Nothing to report.
Offered assistance for club brochure.
c) Membership (Cap)
Nothing to report.
d) Programs/ Presentations (Richard & Chris)
105 year certificate to be presented from AARL
Will Ask Craig to talk about special event station
Will Ask Jeff Liebermann AE6KS to present on his AIS project

6) Budget (All)
Will discuss next month…
Cap suggested that next year’s board may have different budget priorities.
Becky will work to publish something before next meeting.
7) K6L Special Event Report (Richard & Craig)
Went well. Looking at getting closer to lighthouse next year.

8) Wilder Ranch Special Event (Becky)
All events at park are canceled, but they may agree to allow us to do something.
Becky is continuing discussions. Tentatively planning for late September or October.
Perhaps only a fox hunt.
9) Membership Card Project Update (Richard)
Richard is working on it. Wants membership list.
Becky will get postage, forms & envelopes to Richard.
10) Mallory’s (KN6PHG) Radio (Becky)
She has received it. She’s using it for nets and demoing to friends.
11) Nominating Committee
Most officers will have met their term limits.
We will need a roster for November’s elections.
Richard volunteered to join committee.
Becky will look for volunteers from the general membership.
12) Refreshing Club Trifold Brochure (Becky) see attached current version
Ron would like information sent to him, and his wife will send some designs to board
for approval.
Gary will send him what he needs.
Ron suggested maybe sending them to hams not affiliated with the club.
Becky suggested sending some to the local ARES meetings.
13) Another Swap Meet This Fall?
Becky will plan for 9/25 8-2
14) Any Closing Comments / Suggestions?
Ed Fong antenna order:
Becky suggested that club should pay for order and seek reimbursement when
Vince Volunteered to pick up antennas.
$35 dual band
$65 tri-band
Gary moved to allow club to pre-pay for antennas.
Richard Seconded. Board passed.
Board Voted to give Shawn N7OTA a complementary club badge.

The Board of Directors’ Meeting adjourned at 9:03 PM
General Membership Meeting
A regular monthly meeting of the Santa Cruz County Amateur Radio Club will be held via Zoom
video conference call on 20 September 2021, beginning at 7:30 PM.

Minutes by David, N6DTA