Nomination SCCARC Officers

From the Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is pleased to announce the following club members are running for office in November  election.


President: Cap Pennell, KE6AFE,

Vice President: Don Anastasia, AA6W

*Secretary is open *

Treasure, Jake Bernstein, W6JJJ

Treasure, Jake Bernstein, W6JJJ
Members of the Board

We have four Board members up for election and we have seven running.

1. Bruce Hawkins, AC6DN

2. David Steinbruner, WB6DWP

3. Kathleen McQuilling, KI6AIE

4. Roy Brayshaw, KF6KVD

5. Gary Watson, K6PDL

6. Linda Bittner, K6GRL

7. Michael Usher, AG6MK

Past President, K6CPA Suellene Peterson