Dear SCCARC Members

Dear SCCARC Members,

By now you have probably read Bruce, AC6DN’s announcement that we did not have enough members showing up to form a voting quorum. We could not legally hold an election. Thus, as those of us on the Board see our terms expiring, we are left in a quandary about whether there will be a Board this next year.

Our club is also a California Not for Profit Corporation (501(c)7). Accordingly we must follow our Bylaws (originating Bylaws attached). Accordingly 25% of the membership must be present to form a quorum. Given a situation that is not covered in the Bylaws, we are to follow Roberts Rules of Order as our authority. Roberts Rules of Order prohibit transacting business in the absence of a quorum, such becoming null and void (see Proceedings in the absence of a quorum.)

Clearly, we need enough members to show up on election night to achieve a quorum and that means that we need you to attend this very important yearly meeting. OK, so you did not understand that fact. Now what?

The next best opportunity for holding an election would be at our Annual Holiday party on December 13, 2015, at Seacliff Inn – 7500 Old Dominion Court, Aptos, 95003. We have rented that space from 12:00 to 3:00 p.m. for our luncheon. However, we can arrange to have an election at 12:00 – 12:15 p.m. so that people who cannot stay for lunch may be present to vote and then leave. You may be contacted shortly by Tom Ginsburg, K6TG, to expressly encourage you to show up and vote. Please remember, you must be there on time to vote, because some of the people coming within that 15 minute time slot have to go to work that day and they cannot wait for late comers to form a quorum.

Should you stay for lunch, the cost of the meal is $24 per person. There is space for 30-40 guests and we need at least 27 members to vote. You can also pay your 2016 dues at that time.

This is a very good opportunity for club members to register their opinion regarding the value of the club. If you think that it is important for the club to continue, then come and vote. If, however, you believe that it no longer has value then do not vote. Consequently, on January 1, 2016, we will not have a Board of Directors to govern our corporate organization which is our club. Should the members choose to make that choice, the club can be dissolved and SCCARC will be gone.


Suellene, K6CPA
Santa Cruz County Amateur Radio Club