Board Meeting 10/26/23

1   Meeting opened at 7:31

2   Roll Call

Jerry           W6OJE

Mike           W6MLB

Jim              KN6NCG

Ben             KN6NDM

Martin        KN6GWQ

Cap             KE6AFE

Ron             K6EXT

3  Approval of agenda, agenda approved

4  September 28 meeting minutes approved unanimously

5   Treasure’s report deferred. Cap’s call sign was incorrect. And the total in the bank, should have been $4,977.77. Preamp money to be reimbursed to Martin, $130.90.

6   Repeater status, the 2 meter was not turned off remotely. Fix coming next week. Also, autopatch trouble, may try VOIP to have less trouble. 70-cm D-STAR needs to be re-registered, coming soon. 

7   Nominating committee has the following people interested.

in running.

Jerry to run for president.

Mike to run for secretary.

Ben to run for VP.

Jim to run for at large.

Rich to run for treasurer.

Martin to run for at large. 

8  Board meeting moved to November 16

9   Speaker for November meeting, TBD

10  FT8 presentation may be added to SCCARC web site

11   Close Meeting at 8:07

Minutes by Mike W6MLB