CAKE Consumer Report for Dec 5th 2015

CAKE  Consumer Report for Dec 5th 2015
Weather being dreary found us nice and cosy inside The Abbey and by being early we had the full use of the big table. Here?s a summary of the topics that came up.

 Craig N6SBN spoke on plans to use telescopic fiber glass Green Click poles in antenna construction. He described efforts to fit a 40m loop on a very small lot and also mentioned the regular meetings of QRP ops in Palo Alto and their Yahoo Group.

 Eric KK6IZY demonstrated a neat hand held GPS product labeled AP510 that uses Blue Tooth to display APRS on a cellphone screen. Peter AB6WM mentioned his venerable DX Monitor Program for ?Intelligent DXers? that displays DX activity and propagation data. It can be downloaded from his VE3SUN site. Peter now has softwave ideas for SDR dongles.

 Ron W6WO spoke on the potential for mining WSPR data records on HF propagation. He plans to contact Kevin Karplus who has a store of Heathkit equipment with a view of including some items in an exhibit during our Club Centennial Next Year. Kerry K3RRY and Don K6GHA were deep in the process of using WordPress for developing a web-site to publicize our event..

 Ron mentioned that Warren NR0V has offered a presentation on his state of the art work on the Noise Reduction in receivers. We are very privileged to be among the first to become aware of his work and have set a date for February 6th- watch for further details.

The Club lunch is scheduled for Dec 13 and will commence with the election. Please be there to vote whether or not you intend to stay for the meal and festivities.  Our next CAKE meeting will be Dec 19 at the Abbey unless otherwise announced.